Gordon Ramsay Bitcoin — Review

Has Gordon Ramsay invested in any Bitcoin system?

After launching a thorough investigation into Ramsay’s public statements and communication, we found no evidence to suggest that he invested in Bitcoin or the cryptocurrency market via automated trading systems.

Bitcoin Code

Has Gordon Ramsay ever recommended using Bitcoin Code to invest?

Gordon Ramsay has never used Bitcoin Code to invest in cryptocurrencies, he advised them to do so. Not because it is an unreliable platform, but because in none of his real public interviews, he has ever talked about investments in bitcoin.

How to trade with the Bitcoin Code

Trading with the Bitcoin Code is very simple. Follow these steps to do it smoothly:

  • Register and verify your details on the official Bitcoin Code page
  • Fund your account by making a deposit of at least $ 250
  • Click on the Live trading button to start trading cryptocurrencies


The rumors linking British chef Gordon Ramsay’s name to bitcoin trading systems are simply false. These rumors are spread by gossip sites to improve their search engine rankings.



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